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This is an unofficial wiki for the mapping tool Grid Cartographer by Hidden Asbestos. Grid Cartographer (GC) was originally designed to help mapping levels in phased and realtime blobbers (think Wizardry, Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Might and Magic, The Bard's Tale), but has since become a mapping tool that encompasses a variety of uses and expanded to hexes as well to support making maps for P&P or tabletop games.

One usage of GC is that it contains dedicated profiles for some old games, that in combination with a custom DOSBox build, can read out information from memory like X/Y coordinates and facing (North/South/West/East). This allows GC to always track your position, which makes it easier to map games. It adds pretty much Etrian Odyssey-like gameplay to old DOS blobbers.

Supported Games

Might and Magic 1-3
Wizardry 1-7
And Many Others

How to add more games

The nitty-gritty of what makes game profiles tick

Frequently asked questions

E.g. Does Grid Cartographer makes automapping possible?


Various maps


Specifically formatted maps to function like automaps

Custom Tiles

Lots of them


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