Phantasy Star (Master System)
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

        title="PHANTASY STAR"
        short="PHANTASY STAR"
        titlelo="Phantasy Star"
        sort_name="PHANTASY STAR 1"


        <!-- Phantasy Star (UE) [!].sms -->
        <detect system="SMS">
            <peek bytes="30a 30c 2f4" />

            <!-- todo: dungeon number -->




        <region id="1" name="Camineet" ground_floor="false" start_floor="B1" auto_create="true" >
            <grid width="10" height="8" origin_tl="true" />

        <!-- todo: regions for all the dungeons! -->



        <!-- Classes -->
        <class name="dungeon">
            <face offset="0" length="1" n="0" e="1" s="2" w="3" />
             <xypos offset="1" length="1" stride="10" />
            <check offset="2" length="1" value="86" /> <!-- 'in a dungeon' flag -->

        <!-- Camineet -->
        <packetview extends="dungeon" region="1">
            <move x="-6" y="0" />


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