Profile Header

When Grid Cartographer and the custom Dosbox with the loaded game communicate, the first exchange is the header that tells Grid Cartographer for which profile to look.

  • Offset values

This is basically your header that is exchanged between GC and Dosbox. To address btw. reference individual parts of the header you have the offset values, which you need for the view section later. The empty values between the header and the footer section contain the values from the memory addresses that the profile tells GC to look up in Dosbox, and where various location data for the individual games is to be found (X/Y coordinates, facing, floor number, etc.).

Offset value 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
ASCII character 1 Z I W _ _ _ _ _ A X X X
Hexadecimal value 31 5a 49 57 _ _ _ _ _ 41 58 58 58

If you need a lookpup table, this one on Wikipedia should do.

  • header=""

The header (of the header, so to speak) always occupies the first four offset values (always 0 to 3) and is in the reverse order of how you write the header in the comment above <packet />. So WIZ1 is reversed to 1ZIW and then transformed to hexadecimal values. So "1 Z I W" becomes "31 5a 49 57".

  • size=""

This gives the number of offset values, which in Wizardry's example are offset values from 0 to 12, which comes down to 13. The size is given as a decimal number.

  • footer=""

The footer always occupies the last four offset values and is in the reverse order of how you write the offset in the comment above <packet />. So XXXA is reversed to AXXX and then transformed to hexadecimal values. So "A X X X" becomes "41 58 58 58".

Example: Wizardry

<!-- "WIZ1" / "XXXA" -->
<packet header="315a4957" size="13" footer="41585858" />
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