Profile Card

Basically the calling card for the game profile that lists the game title and miscellaneous other stuff.

I don't know if anything that is filled in in this section has any negative consequences on whether the profile works or not, I just follow the conventions from the other profiles Hidden Asbestos has done.

  • title=""

The game title in all capital letters, including the subtitle if there is any. So, actually for this example it should be title="WIZARDRY: PROVING GROUNDS OF THE MAD OVERLORD"

  • short=""

The game tittle in all capital letters, excluding the subtitle.

  • titlelo=""

The game title in with correctly set upper and lowercase letters, including the subtitle. So, actually for this example it should be titlelo="Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord"

  • sort_name=""

The title in capital letters again without any subtitle, and the correct numbering if there are sequels or it's part of a series. I assume it's to sort game of the same series into the correct order or so.

  • system="DOS"

I assume Hidden Asbestos included this in case other system emulators than Dosbox are supported in the future, currently it's only Dosbox so DOS is always the right answer here.

  • beta=""

If you work on a profile but it's not finished yet, you can set this to beta="true", otherwise if it's finished then set it to beta="false"

Example: Wizardry

        sort_name="WIZARDRY 1"
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