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    <!-- Metroid (U) (PRG0) -->
        <detect system="NES">

            <peek bytes="50 4f" />

            <!-- Metroid (U) (PRG0) (not sure if this was from an older romset) -->

            <!-- Metroid (U) [!] GoodNES 3.23b -->

            <!-- Metroid (E) [!] GoodNES 3.23b -->

            <!-- Mostly graphical improvement hacks, so the normal Metroid map should work most of the time -->

            <!-- Metroid Hack - Roidz v1.0 by DemickXII -->

            <!-- Metroid Hack - MDbtroid v1.0 by Infinity's End -->

            <!-- Metroid Hack - Metroid Omega v1.0 by Redrum -->

            <!-- Metroid Hack - Metroid mOTHER v1.0 by dACE -->

            <!-- The following hacks have completely new levels, so the Metroid map doesn't work with them -->

            <!-- Metroid Hack - Metroid Genocide v1.0 by Dude Man -->

            <!-- Metroid Hack - Metroid: Rogue Dawn v1.21 by Grimlock, Optomon, snarfblam -->




        <region id="1" name="Zebes" ground_floor="true" start_floor="G" auto_create="true" >
            <grid infinite="true"  origin_tl="true" />



        <!-- Zebes -->
        <packetview region="1">
            <xpos offset="0" length="1" min="0" max="ff" />
            <ypos offset="1" length="1" min="0" max="ff" />
            <check offset="0" length="2" op="NE" value="0" /> <!-- disable tracking on main menu -->


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