GMB - Wizardry Gaiden 1

It should work fine, though I do not know how the reverse basement is internally represented and if it's below the current basement or will be on top. Have to play to there to really see it.

As this is basically a hack (unofficial translation), you need to use the "- nocrc" command line command with dboy to get the game running.

271f01 xpos
271f02 ypos
271f04 facing
271f03 floor

If you want to play with a different color scheme, you need to use the "- nocrc - cs 3" command line command for example (add 110 Hex) to each memory address, and you get

272011 xpos
272012 ypos
272014 facing
272013 floor

If you want to play the original Japanese version, subtract 78 Hex from each memory address. And if you want to play the original version with a different color scheme subtract 78 Hex and then add 110 Hex to each memory address

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

        short="WIZARDRY GAIDEN"
        titlelo="Wizardry Gaiden: The Suffering of the Queen"
        sort_name="WIZARDRY GAIDEN"

    <!-- "WG1G" / "G1GW" -->
    <packet header="47314757" size="13" footer="57473147" />


        <!-- DBOY.EXE 0.75c + cwsdpmi7b + Wizardry Gaiden 1 -->
        <detect sys="e9b551c5" prg="237af342" ph3="0" ph2="fe05cd95" ph1="514d" ph0="0">
            <peek bytes="272011 272012 272014 272013" />



        <region id="1" name="Dungeon" ground_floor="false" start_floor="B1" auto_create="true" >
            <grid width="16" height="16" />



        <!-- Dungeon -->
        <packetview region="1">
            <check offset="0" length="4" value="47314757" />
            <seq offset="4" length="1" />
            <xpos offset="5" length="1" min="0" max="f" />
            <ypos offset="6" length="1" min="0" max="f" />
            <face offset="7" length="1" n="0" e="2" s="3" w="1" />
            <floor offset="8" length="1" min="1" max="c" dir="down" />


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