Grid Cartographer FAQ
  • How to copy pieces from one map-file to another?

Go into the map file from which you want to copy, mark the piece (Edit > Mark Tools), click on copy (or cut), then open the map-file you want to copy it into, then use the paste button to put it in.

  • What's the difference between labels and notes?

Labels allow you to put text directly onto the map, notes allows you to write text into a field that is linked to individual squares via a little red notch on a squares top-right corner, when you hover over the square with the mouse it reveals the text.

  • Does Grid Cartographer makes automapping possible?

If the game is supported via gamelink and if there's a downloadable map available, then in combination with the new Fog-of-War feature Grid Cartographer makes something like automapping possible.

Sort of. You have to take the map, fill all of its maps with Fog-of-War and activate under Options > Editor > Avatar Maker Removes Fog. There is one downside, squares for stairs that you don't step on are not revealed and remain under the Fog-of-War, but otherwise it works quite well for automapping purposes.

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