Grid Cartographer Automaps


Grid Cartographer is not really a tool for automapping, but it has a function (Fog of War) that together with fully made maps, can basically function like an automap.

The below maps are specifically formatted for this task, the whole level architecture is there, fog of war is activated so that you only reveal the map by stepping on each individual square and all notes have been deleted.

Special care was also taken to make sure to not reveal any secret walls, doors that lead out of a dark area, one-way-doors or other hidden stuff (e.g. spinners, teleporters). Fall damage traps, chutes and stairs are still in there, as once you've stepped on them you're already aware of them. This isn't always perfect, but I tried for example to format one-way-doors such a way that depending on the most likely direction you see them the first time, I've marked them either as a door (to trap you) or a wall (to not alert you there's one-way-door). All of this to have the most fun while playing.

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