DOS Wizardry 7

Some technical detail on how the map is constructed.

  • Similar to Wizardry 6, the world is made up of grids of 8x8 squares each. Each square has a unique identifier (per sector).
  • One level up on the hierarchy are sectors, also with unique identifiers, that include a certain number of the 8x8 grids.
  • Usually, inside a sector the 8x8 grids are aligned well with each other, but the border between sectors plays haywire with some of the 8x8 grids, as they are not always well aligned with each other. There are actually four cases (4x single squares from 8x8 grids) on the Sea of Sorrow, where the squares are shared by two sectors.
  • Also, there is no unique identifier for vertical levels, each of the grids for lower or higher vertical levels had to be placed manually and to be aligned with the rest of the map.
  • One more thing. In three cases on the worldmap the overall map breaks down, as its alignment in "real" physical space is impossible.
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