Custom Tiles


the clashing swords and the tracks sprites are based in parts or fully on sprites from Grid Cartographer itself

Battle.png Tracks.png BottomRight.png TopLeft.png TopRight.png BottomLeft.png

Area Textures

Desert.png Forest.png Hills.png Mountain.png MountainEntrance.png


BridgeNS.png BridgeWE.png BridgeNSb2.png BridgeWEb2.png BridgeNWSb2.png

Dungeon Features

Up.png Down.png UpRope.png DownRope.png UpSpiral.png DownSpiral.png Spinner.png SpinnerSmall.png


Tree.png Tree2.png Flower1.png Flower2.png Cactus.png Vine.png


Camp.png Campfire.png


Armory.png WeaponShop.png Armory3.png


StreetES.png StreetWN.png StreetNE.png StreetSW.png StreetNS.png StreetWE.png StreetNES.png StreetNWS.png StreetWNE.png StreetWSE.png

Traps and Threats

Spikes.png Fire.png

Game Specific


Block.png Generator.png Rocket.png Shopguy.png

Dragon Wars

many of the city icons were inspired from the world map on

Purgatory(1).png Phoebus.png Mansion.png MudToad.png Necropolis.png Salvation(1).png Lanks(1).png Kingshome.png Freeport.png MagicCollege.png SnakePit.png Byzanople.png Ruins.png Ruins2.png Cove.png DragonValley.png Dock.png Mirror(1).png

Gateway to the Savage Frontier & Treasures of the Savage Frontier

City.png MagicWeapon.png Safe2.png Fist.png

Metroid 2

Bomb.png Bomb2.png EnergyTank.png Metroid.png MissileBattery.png MissilePod.png SpiderBall.png SpringBall.png VariaSuit.png SpaceJump.png JumpBoots.png Snowflake.png WaveBeam.png SpazerBeam.png PlasmaBeam.png ScrewAttack.png Egg2.png


most of these are actually from the game itself, 1-to-1 pixel replicas

Pit.png Chute.png Teleport.png AntiMagic.png Stud.png Mist.png Water.png Water+Mist.png


Grave.png Radioactive.png

Wizardry 6

the snake and the dragon are modified sprites found on in the "DO"

Cheese.png Horn.png Magicpen.png Spaceship.png Snake.png Dragon.png

Wizardry 7

Banana.png Bean.png Boat.png Bonsai.png Card.png Chalice1(1).png Chalice2(1).png Chalice3.png Combbrush.png Computer.png Egg.png Glove.png Hat.png Helm.png Idol.png Innards.png Mirror.png Musket.png Pentagram.png Phaser.png Potion.png Shield.png Spade.png Spindle.png Spiral.png Staff.png Sword.png Teddy.png
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