Create Game Profiles

Basically, every supported game has a dedicated xml-file that contains all the information Grid Cartographer needs to track player position in the game.

Basic Structure of Game Profiles

  • Header (old element, not needed in newer versions)
  • Dsub (for Dosbox supported profiles)
  • Libretro (for Libretro supported profiles)

Example: Wizardry

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

        sort_name="WIZARDRY 1"

    <!-- "WIZ1" / "XXXA" -->
    <packet header="315a4957" size="13" footer="41585858" />


        <!-- WIZ1.EXE -->
        <detect sys="e9b551c5" prg="195febac" ph3="0" ph2="817af007" ph1="710" ph0="1dc">
            <peek bytes="d9c6 d9c4 d9c0 d9c2" />

        <!-- WIZDOS.EXE -->
        <detect sys="e9b551c5" prg="a30a3a8a" ph3="0" ph2="84c17511" ph1="56c" ph0="bec0">
            <peek bytes="e1b6 e1b4 e1b0 e1b2" />



        <region id="1" name="Maze" ground_floor="false" start_floor="B1" auto_create="true" >
            <grid width="20" height="20" />



        <!-- Maze -->
        <packetview region="1">
            <check offset="0" length="4" value="315a4957" />
            <seq offset="4" length="1" />
            <xpos offset="5" length="1" min="0" max="14" />
            <ypos offset="6" length="1" min="0" max="14" />
            <face offset="7" length="1" n="0" e="1" s="2" w="3" />
            <floor offset="8" length="1" min="1" max="a" dir="down" />


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